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Waxing 101

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Pre-Waxing & Post-Care Tips

How long should I wait between appointments?

We recommend waxing every 2 to 4 weeks depending on your hair growth. This allows the hair to grow to a recommended length and takes into account that each hair follicle is on its own growth cycle.  Waxing more frequently may not give all of your hair sufficient time to grow out—perpetuating the cycle to wax more frequently. You may notice a smaill amount of regrowth after about a week. It can take 2 to 3 treatments to get on a hair growth cycle that gives the best results.

Does it hurt?

 Always avoid caffeine before waxing! Stimulants increase sensitivity. Pregnancy can also increase sensitivity.

Will I be completely smooth the very first time?

Waxing is a “work in progress”, not a quick fix. So the first time, you might notice a few extra hairs that are too short to be removed, or notice a small amount of growth the first couple of weeks. This is simply due to the different growth cycles. After a few regular waxing appointments, your hair will all get on the same cycle, resulting in a smooth wax everytime you visit! You will start noticing weaker, finer hair growth!

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